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Pollution And Environmental Problems Cannot Be Avoided | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 472 - Problems with environmental pollution have become serious

❶The worst affected are the commuters who get struck in the traffic as the roads,flyovers etc are not properly planned and are inadequate for the growing population. My examiner was very unfriendly.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 447 - Pollution and other environmental problems are resulting from

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

This, however, does not mean that these countries should be allowed to pollute for the sake of their development. Of course, they need to develop but the need of the hour is the development of sustainable sources of energy.

All countries should invest in green and clean energy sources. For example, in nations lying on either side of the equator there is considerable potential for harnessing solar energy. Countries that produce excess amount of green energy can sell it to other countries. Rich nations that are technologically and scientifically more advanced should share the technical know-how with poor and developing nations so that they can also take advantage of newer and greener technologies for a better tomorrow.

Environmental problems are not limited to any particular country and it is foolish to claim that only those nations that pollute should do something about it. Before long, the impact of pollution caused by rapidly developing nations will also be felt in the developed world.

To conclude, since our survival depends on the environment we cannot ignore environmental problems on the pretext that they are a byproduct of development. Of course, there is a need for development but it is time we said no to development that destroys the planet. Band 9 essay sample: Should governments invite foreign companies to open branches?

People should be warned about its use and should be educated about their side-effects. People working in private advertisement firm can advertise about these topic and bring up this issue in eyes of government.

In addition, we can use solar energy machines as replacement for such technology. Though we cannot ignore the fact that nation as whole has to get in action to prohibit further damage to environment. Furthermore, government should start inventing technology which does not endanger our environment. I truly believe, that as an individual, we should be cautious with use of our energy but on bigger aspect, nation as a whole has to bring about new legislation and technology.

Jan 16, Please Admin highlight my mistakes Anan In the modern era every state and individual wants to take an edge over the other as result natural resources are depleting, which intern has increased the level of international pollution like global warming and shortage of energy etc.

As for as the individual abilities to concern to tackle these problems it is true upto some extent that generally they are less capable to solve these burning issues, but still they can do a lot to save the environment by good practices. Furthermore, Individual can recycle many things like pet bottles, textiles, furniture, tins, paper etc.

Besides they can do a lot to decreasing the pollution level by avoiding the use plastic bags, instead of polyethylene shapers they should prefer cloths bags for bringing food stuff from markets. Such small things will bring a great change in tackling down the problem. Apart from individual, state is the main character that has sufficient machinery to control the pollution. State should come forward with clear mindset about minimizing pollution of air and effective use of resources for energy production.

Because with the passage of each day the requirement, of energy for economic development is increasing. In order to cop the demand and save the environment, Government should make such laws and policies that can address the current level of problems as well as the future.

State should provoke lucrative schemes for creating awareness in the people. To conclude, Individual can be as good as the state for solving the pollution issue in his vicinity. No society can control this hindrance without the participation of individual. Mar 04, please check my essay and tell me how much score will i get for this.

Mar 15, Pollution issue by: Three types of pollution are common all over the world such as water pollution, air pollution and soil pollution that are continuously polluted the natural environment. Government, community, society and individuals are able to protect the environment from pollution because most of the pollution and environmental distortion have created by human being.

In my view, individuals have a significant role to reduce pollution because society, community, government and organization are made up of individuals and their activities. Firstly, Governments and organization are powerful than individual so that they have to show their sincere effort for removing all of factors which is related to environment pollution.

For example, two oil contained ship crushed in near the area of world largest mangrove forest in Bangladesh in 2o12, as a result oil is pouring for the ship and formidably floating nearby sea area including Sundarban. For this accident, thousands of aquatic animal and plant species had died.

But on that time government took initiative for removing this floating oil and they were succeed with a weeks. Secondly, every person has a capacity onto his or her range. Moreover, if a person aware about his heath and ecosystem, he tries to always maintain it thought it is little or insufficient amount. Human being who creates machine, web and all of other scientific innovation.

For instance, one of my school teacher named Kadir, He was like scavenger in our school because in the tiffin period, he has collected all of the dirt, polythene and other wastage materials for our school campus and nearby roads. As a result that area was always neat and clean and his activities was exemplary paradigm for all the students and teachers. Kadir, if all the people do his responsibilities it would be very easy for make a sound environment.

In conclusion, the causing agents of pollution are man made and environmental pollution mostly caused by human being except natural calamity. It is indispensable that Individual has a great role to protect the earth from the obvious natural downfall like government and conservation related organizations. Mar 15, please check my essay by: Enes The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace.

Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far outweigh the disadvantages. Nowadays,nuclear technology became big power around world and it use for the purpose of a lot of different helpful goal. I strongly believe that, nuclear power include some advantages for people such as it avoid environmet pollution and provide better economy.

I am going to explain two advantages about nuclear power. Unfortunately, enviromental pollution is big problem today and it threaten the our life. Therefore, people need a new solution for this problem. Then people find a new solution is nuclear technology which is not bad effect for environment. Well, why nuclear technologhy is sollution for environment pollution, because nuclear technology has any harmfull effect on environment.

Also,nuclear technology has not waste and so nuclear technology supply any garbage that mean it is exactly clean life. I read Turkish daily newspaper two days ago and according to newspaper, we can see big differences between past and now pollution on environment with a lot of countries use nuclear technology, because nuclear technology do not offer any bad effect like a other usage.

On the other hand, nuclear energy is cheaper technology in world and since use of nuclear technology,world economy is better than past, because nuclear power include saving. This percentage qute big and very very big reason for use of nuclear technolgy.

This reason provide big advantage for country economy and a lot of countries established new power plants whole their empty area. To sum up, nuclear technology useful for people and it supply main two advantages avoid environment pollution and provide strongly economy.

S As the technology advances and almost everything is or to be mechanized, the energy requirements of the world continue to increase. To cater to the growing demand, the world continues to plunder the earth's precious resources, using them to fuel their research and return to the mother nature dangerous by product chemicals and greenhouse gases.

Over the years many sustainable environment friendly means of energy production have been introduced. Instead of focusing on the diminishing fuels extracted from the earth such as oil, coal, the burning of which produces dangerous gases for the environment and for man's health, the newer greener technologies for energy production should be focused on. Geothermal energy plants use the natural heat below the earth's crust to produce steam and to rotate turbines in order to produce electricity.

Although the geographical topography should allow such a construction, more effort can be made in this area by all the nations, pinpointing such locations within their own land where it could be feasible. Solar energy produces electricity from the sun's rays. This type of energy production again does not require combustion of fossil fuels. Thus saving the environment from the chemicals used for its extraction and released in its burning.

The wind can be used to generate electricity as well, the wind turbines can be installed in vast unpopulated areas where the wind travels unhindered. Similarly more techniques using the energy of the ocean have also been devised. In the same way, green cars have been introduced which require electricity charging at home or use solar panels to run.

The international community should take this matter seriously, and should co operate by sharing their successful alternative technologies. The world is largely oil dependent and its trade has seen much political and military strife. Much politics around the world revolves around this energy resource, where each country not possessing it naturally is fearful of not being able to acquire it from other countries. The need for each country to be independent in energy production is of great importance for world peace.

The transition from this diminishing fuel to the more sustainable one can be gradual and difficult. However it is well within the international communities' hands to change the situation if they could forget their political strife for the sake of the environment and mother nature. Jun 21, Good by: Anonymous I have learned few things from you, thank you. Jun 22, Please check this essay and kindly point out the mistakes. Anonymous In this modern era, by the improvement in technology, pollution becomes a dangerous problem thereby environment gets damaged.

It results in energy shortage as well as global warming which should be taken care by individuals and community as well. However, I expostulate with the perspective that protection of environment is the duty of nation and it emphasis that it is also the responsibility of each one also.

Indeed, it is initially be noted that energy is to be preserved by reducing the unnecessary energy consumption. Environmental resources like water, wind, sunlight are the sources of power. Precautions like turn off light, computer, iron box and so on are essential for conserving the energy. Besides, none can negate the fact that planting new trees are essential to limit the problem like global warming.

Deforestation rises the level carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and it leads to the depletion of ozone layer thereby global warming. Seed a plant by every individual in their yard is a necessary to keep the nature away from danger. However, some believe that nation and society have wide capabilities to protect environment rather than individuals because rules and laws enhances the provisions.

But I feel that individual is responsible along with the nation since they are duty bound to keep natural resources to their childre and upcoming generations also. In short, it can rightly be reiterated that every individual has the duty to maintain environment safely. I am hopeful that if everyone takes appropriate steps to protect the environment, it will give a fruitful and peaceful life in future.

Jul 03, Improvement by: Keng It would be a crucial idea to avoid short forms as they are regarded as informal writing criterias.

Therefore, in order to go away from that common mistakes, students or learners should have a note to write down all the inappropriate phrases or structures as possible. Jul 29, Kindly check my essay by: Anonymous Global warming and green house effect are the biggest issues faced globally. Everything is in the loop and affects the ecosystem in some or the other way. To eradicate it, a decision concerning every continent and climatic zones must be taken into account and followed accordingly.

According to me individual steps towards the goal won't create a difference but inculcating the need of it in horde mentality will lead conspicuous results. In either way, some scientist even had made comments that it is not a serious issue which media tends to exacerbate. It is more amount of fear created in the air and brains making it extremely serious than it really is. Scientist have been saying that control measures have already been taken and implemented and provided with the statistics of the same in near future, and, not each individual have to strain to make contribution to the same because squad of people in every country has been established and working on the same.

Finally i concede that it is a serious issue for our coming generation and every individual hand for saving our ecosystem would provide with smooth and friction-less work. Sep 07, Nice expression by: Nov 05, Please check my essay and provide comments by: Khushbu Recently international pollution has become a huge issue for any country.

Every country is trying out measures to deal with the issue. However, its arguable that whether an individual can contribute measures to solving the issue or not. I agree with the statement that is an individual cares enough, then they need not wait for the nation to take measures to solve the problem.

Global warming is an issue that is one way or the other effecting every individual. It not only increases the heating temperature of the earth, but also introduces skin related diseases for the human being. One of the reasons of global warming is the increasing pollution caused by the vehicles. More the number of vehicles on the road, more is the pollution.

Hence, we can make use of public transport more often and use the private vehicles only when its unavoidable. This will not only decrese the pollution but also improve the traffic jam issue to a great extent. Another issue that we face these days is the noise pollution. The crowd on the road these days has no patience and they honk continuosly without thinking for a second.

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IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay: You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Problems with environmental pollution have become so serious that many countries are trying to solve these problems.

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Environment pollution is too alarming to be managed by individuals. Real change can be made at the government level. What extent do you agree or disagree? PTE Essay with Solution on the topic of "Environmental Pollution Essay Conclusion". Today our environment is in danger due to various global problems, write an essay. IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay: You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Pollution and other environmental problems are resulting from a .

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