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❶Please help me with this matter I had hp products for years and always like them realize there can be problems with some.

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They went thru the motions. HP product Pdn leaves one inch wide streak down middle of page. Not sure what to do and customer service at HP is pathetic.

This happens frequently so will u kindly tell me the solution of this problem as early as possible. I just bought hp pavilion dv6 about 4 months ago and all of a sudden my screen went off but the machine is still on with the fan working is it a hardware problem or software problem.

I am in Africa Ghana to be specific. What can be the cause and how do I get help? I bought a hp notebook from a pawn shop it is the one with a finger scan and the screen keeps blacking out and I don,t know why need info. BUT I am one of the people that several health items happened.

Also I am Handy-cap,so on. Anyway just purchased the new HP Computer! If I can get any communications on e-mail would be greatly well taken.

I have tried over and over to get what I need to restore the scanner function of my all in one to now avail. I have always thought Hewlett Packard put a a quality product…that was until the company I work for bought me an HPOfficejet Wireless printer.

I had a problem with a 3-in-one copier, which I purchased one week earlier. Interesting a couple days ago, after I downloaded the program, we developed a severe Virus. After a very confusing 1. They would NOT give us anyone from Customer service. We wish to return the package, bu are required to use regular mail, since FedEx would not return, after we opened the box, after finding we did not order. We have no written authorization for these products.

We were under the impression these were needed to fix the problem. According to HP the product has a global warranty and that is one the biggest reasons i purchased an HP notebook. Recently i noticed that my note book display was not working properly so i contacted customer support in India and they told me to visit the nearest service center.

When i visited the HP service center, they told me that its accidental damage and is not covered under global warranty. First of all being an HP customer I am entitled to on-site service which was not given to me. There is not even a scratch on the outside of the notebook. How can it be accidental damage.

In any case it should be covered under warranty if HP provides global warranty and it is covered in the USA. In case it is not covered under global warranty the whole point of global warranty is lost.

I am in deep trouble because of this indifference from HP. I hope someone in HP takes note of this and does what a true customer service professional should do. A couple of years ago I bought a new HP desktop- it lasted about 2 years and then just crashed and could not be recovered. In May , I bought a Windows 7 DV5 directly from the HP website, and almost 2 years to the date of purchase, it too has crashed and appears to be unrecoverable.

I feel completely discouraged and cheated that the HP products I purchased were apparently of such low quality that 2 years is the lifetime of the products.

Both batteries no longer can be charged. Will think twice before purchasing HP again. My self Tarak Rajani I Purchase hp Laptop from Ahmedabad from Vijay Sales Situated at SG Highway after a month time my Lap top have some critical problem with its speaker then i went to the service station and their they solved my this problem.

But I dont know how it happens then after my speaker start working my CD Drive is not working and even their is no icon is showing in my computer i suppose that their is some hardware problem with my lap top can you Pleae help me out to solve this problem. Bank of Tanzania would like to buy various computers from your company,is it possible to buy direct from your company?

When i try to connect pd to my laptop or any other laptop then it can not be detected. So i contact with my seller. He is not able to replace my pd although i t has 2 year warranty.

Plz, reply on my email address. I sent it off to HP for repair and now the same screw has fell out again. The repair lasted for only 4 months with very little use. I think your HP laptop with Windows 8 sucks!

I hate that I even bought one. I have tried contacting you several times and get nowhere. This piece of crap is 6 months and the mouse has already went tits up. I know 6 others that have it and hate it. I had problem with my scanner that I thought CS would be to resolve pretty easily. Instead, they demanded payment before even attempting to help, simply because the scanner was no longer under warranty.

This is after putting me on hold for 20 minutes. How can your customer service be so poor. All your people want is my credit card information so that they can charge me more money. When they found out that I already paid they would pass me on to someone else. Meg……You better fix this before the place collapses.

I installed the cartridge. It has leaked magenta ink on the inside of my printer. It also leaks onto printed documents. You will correct this problem immediately. I have never had a problem with any cartridges in the past. This is NOT a comment. It is a demand for action. Two days ago the laptop went black…took to a computer repair service and they said it is a defect and is the led light. I bought this new for my son and the repair guy said it would cost around This is only 4 months old.

It was a b19wm Please help me with this matter I had hp products for years and always like them realize there can be problems with some. Thank You Veronica Husak. My scanner on my Office Jet por was working at 9: I tried the web site and got absolutly no where.

I called the tec support and the system hung up before it connected. And i expect that i will not hear back on this e-mail either. What is the problem at HP. I have a home office jet printer purchased on December15, It has multiple printer problems, the latest being continuous messages to clear the paper jam. The jammed paper was removed and there is no longer paper left in the printer to cause a paper jam.

The incident happened Friday, Dec. I was unable to find the right phone number for technical support until today and spoke with a HP agent in India who gave me Case The HP supervisor that offered me this cheap-skate sales option needs to rethink that HP is loosing a life-time customer.

I have the option of offering this type of support service to Consumer Reports, Costco, face book, etc. Most annoying and hard to delete, but not any more!. The problem gets fixed temporarily then re-occurs. I received one email, today, and not a single follow up call. I found out today, that each of these service providers is supposed to record notes on the problem and provide me with a case number which can be referred to on a repeat call. The last person to do this did it in September of I have spoken to at least 6 people since, and until today, not a single one of them made notes or offered me a case number.

This has resulted in me having to go through the same process and spend at least 8 hours of my valuable time, trying to get it resolved. I spoke to a supervisor named Allen today to let me him that his staff is not following HP protocol by not recording notes, providing clients with case numbers or actually making the follow up calls and sending the emails they promised. So this is a real departure from the norm and extremely disappointing, especially since I paid for an extended service package.

Yet another benefit of moving our precious North American jobs offshore to people who are completed disconnected with our reality. I am talking to HP for the fourth time in twi months about the refund of money on a printer that I returned to the company in November.

Never purchase anything from HP through their overseas sales people. HP Pavilion hard drive is fried just over 1 year old. Today, a foreign rep who claims to be a supervisor says the refund cannot be promised by a rep.

I will not go back to HP to be burnt again ever. Like HP is saying Americans are too dumb to provide our tech support?! When actually it once again is bottom line dollar that made that decision. HP Pavillion bought in Called tech support to confirm, It was sometime in Sept. I was told by your tech that there were no more compatible hard rives being made for this model. The hard drive crashed and burned in Sept. I called your tech support and spoke to a gentleman who informed me that there were no replacement hard drives being built anymore because they were obsolete.

We ran our outdated Compaq laptops with windows xp till they also failed, After purchasing our New HP envy desktop, we brought the old model in hoping to recover data off of the old hard drive. It turns out there ARE hard drives available off the shelf for our old Pavillion. After the years and money spent on HP products by my wife and I. I was very disappointed in your tech support. Not only were we able to repair the desktop.

Not anything I would have ever purchased had they told the truth about what they were selling because just about anybody can do that now all by themselves. Got a new all in one touch smart 20 less than 90day ago and it is a piece of junk one time it work the next time error no boot disk been detected or disk has failed.

You would think that HP would do something about its customer service after so many negative reviews. I too was a victim to this horrible customer service. I still have the same problem. That is how fustrated I am right now. You may ask why? Did so and guess what they did not install.

Contacted tech support and they could not install it either. I bought a HP Officejet I probably will not ever buy or recommend a HP Ink Jet again. I have put up with this for months.. I have re-installed the product disk a number of times to no avail. I begin to wonder if HP is awake or to cheap to use someone in tech support who speaks intelligible English.

Either they were never refilled, or the ink had dried up? I just put in a new Black Cartridge in yesterday, and my printer will not print in black. Everytime I try to download something and it downloads and I click it, it says win32 is blocking it. Can you please contact me as soon as possible.

I have deleted PC fix speed which I never wanted. How it got there I have no clue!!! It deletes to the recycle bin and then I go there and delete it. It still keeps coming back and I have this frustrating problem with PC performer also which I never sign up for. I already have security and they keep bothering me.

I even called the customer service and asked how to get rid of this freaking problem. What they told me is what I already knew and do but it keeps coming back and is very hard to get off of my screen which disables other programs that I have running. I am a life long customer of HP. Desk top computers and printers. I have been very happy with most of the products. My biggest complaint is the customer service.

It is not good. I have called many times and have had a hard time understanding the rep. Being transferred many times in a single call is quite normal. The last time I called was just a few days ago. Was on the phone for over an hour. I also asked him to speak slower and more clearly, but I still had a hard time understanding him and he had a hard time with me, also.

I asked him to update the info on my printer warranty. It has the wrong date of purchase. Also asked him to update the info on my warranty, but to date, it has not been done. I was on the live chat for over an hour with him also. Biodun Adeyemi took our system mentioned above to your Abuja Office for repairs 13 months ago. He was given a quote and assured that the job would be promptly done. He duly paid to your account after an interminable diagnostic period via Citibank Teller in favour of HP dated 19th October About three weeks later, he went to retrieve same system from your office in the same condition in which it was received.

Our Stand and understanding We believe that HDD is our property and should have been returned to us especially since no attempt was made to retrieve our data — the main reason we came to HP was to salvage our information. How can we believe that the HDD in question was really replaced?

The original problem we had was lack of executable boot file. The status quo of our system almost 2 months later was the same. We returned same to them. HP is too big a brand to involve in petty pilfering.

Kindly investigate what happened in your Abuja Office and let us know soonest. A copy each of our bank teller for payment to HP Abuja for the job and their letter to us is attached. Even their feedback and turnaround time leave much to be desired.

Kindly rectify this situation and return our original HDD. We pride ourselves on using HP products. Your customer service is the worst I have dealt with. I bought a printer directly from HP. Now I find out it is a remanufactured unit!!! Can you believe it! It came in a brown box with no registration card and no documents.

They want to give me a remanufactured unit when I bought a new unit! This is a disgrace. I have 8 HP units. I bought my last! I purchased this printer from Best Buy, they informed me that the ONLY way to obtain the required ink is to get it directly from HP; they provided the phone number. Shipping case ; I was assured on 8. Needless to say I am very frustrated. I feel that I will never purchase another HP product [though I consider HP a preferable product, without supportive service the product does me no good!

I am leery of this method of reaching HELP. PS since I am unable to print I have no means of saving this communication. I hope you will honor me. Starting to regret not buying a Dell! HP is replacing my HP Photosmart Ca printer and I just wish to say how knowledgable and kind you people were in finding my problems. I absolutely love your products!!! My Computer and Printer are amazing!

However it is very very frustrating to get a hold of someone in technical support who speaks English!!! Endless to say, very very disappointed and I will not be buying anymore product from up anymore until you can get your technical support fixed!!!! She called me back and said, we were disconnected. Someone needs to pay attention to consumer calls. Hp tech support is seriously the worst run support I have ever been involved with.

Based on this I refuse to ever buy another hp product again. I bought a one time support issue for which they were very quick to process. I could not get through to support as it took over 2 hours of waiting and they lost the call.

I have Ben transfered and transfered and transfered around and still trying to get in touch with anyone that can just refund me my bucks. I could not find an HP site to post this notice easily , so am doing so here.

It looked to me as if they reckoned they were infallible. I will never, ever, ever! I have owned 3 HP lap tops in my day, the worst was a Vista machine. Slow, prone to overheating and basically unreliable.

HP solution to Customer Support was to abdicate it to user bulletin boards and award points for solving other customer problems. In later years I purchased a wide carriage printer 11 x Usually, this happened when I needed to urgently print a business document. Recently it would only print a border of a drawing, then mysteriously quit. HP stopped support of drivers for it for newer operating systems, so I was basically stuck with only being able to use it on XP operating systems.

HP had a solution for this — buy more ink. The cartridges were very expensive and I stopped short of re-purchasing more, weighing the cost of another printer.

The cartridges had a microchip that prevented re-filling, and even though you could fill them, would register as empty once the chip had determined ink depletion based on usage. The printer could not be installed with my AVG firewall, no one from AVG was able to help me on which ports to open or how to go about doing it. I basically abandoned hope on using the AVG firewall. I believe the printer would call home to tell the mothership whether I was mistreating it by not buying new ink cartridges.

I gave it a try, working through my problems to no avail. My loyalty to HP is gone. Maybe you will have a better customer base with people who can understand your Customer Service centers. That must be the qualifications you must posses to work there. Cant even transfer a phone call correctly!

HP should be ashamed if thier selves for treating there customers this way. And yes I will be filling a complaint. I think I am actually tramatized by the stupity of the whole situation! Finally got through to a real person and after all this time, we ended up having to take our printer beck to store and exchange for another. We had a piece broken when we unpacked the printer and wanted to just get the part and replace it ourselves.

Not a bad experience, just took a long time to get a person that understood what we needed. I bought a touchsmart laptop on Feb 14, I received a laptop for Christmas last year.

The touch screen stopped working a few weeks ago, I thought I had until dec 25th for my warranty the day I first unpacked it but they told me it was from the purchase date dec 2nd so it was 10 days out of warranty.

So I paid for extended service and then got cut off. I called back in and was transferred 9 times and no one could help me telling me they were not the correct department and not the dept that took my credit card info and not who I needed to talk to. I will use the lap top without the touch screen. I am vice president of an equipment co and we operate over computers in the locations along with road sales.

I just sent out a memo that NO HP products are allowed to be purchased by any dept for any reason. And if a road salesman buys a laptop we will not cover that cost if its a HP. Will never consider another printer from HP. Would not listen to me… Just kept talking. I tried to access My Account which I have had for years. I did all that was asked of me at the log in site. I told him I would get back to him and soon found the printer, which had been turned off, was back on!

This happened several times until I unplugged the printer. When I went back online to try to see what Sumit had showed me, I got the same security alert he had probably created because the next day there was no such message.

I reported the entire situation to the Federal Trade Commission and am about to report it to the Better Business Bureau. I concur with the above reports.

HP customer service is worse than poor. I purchased a HP convertible lap top in September it crashed Jan They stated it was water damaged.

I reported the entire situation to the Federal Trade Commission and am about to report it to the Better Business Bureau. I concur with the above reports. HP customer service is worse than poor.

I purchased a HP convertible lap top in September it crashed Jan They stated it was water damaged. I had never brought water near it. We are now Dell and Apple users.

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