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❶Very likely the pages of interest have a least one character of renderable text.


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DB:3.23:Ocr Not Working c3
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Does anyone have any suggestions? I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. This content has been marked as final. I hope this helps. Pro added features such as forms creation. Also the exact version number can be found in the about acrobat under the Acrobat menu. Now Michael should be able to help you. I wish I could get more information on this "error" that the Paper Capture recognition service experienced.

If you have only one page, OR if it is essential that all pages then this will probably not be a workaround for you. Since Acrobat spits out such a stupid error, and since it doesn't work in any other scan mode non-clearscan in any DPI for these pages, and since there is no log file to look at for the 'paper capture recognition service' to even diagnose the problem, and since they seem completely ok with their absoutely horrible error handling here and since Adobe seems incapable of fixing this error for the last few versions and since they don't care enough to offer any help in their KB regarding an issue affecting hundreds maybe a few thousand of users here is a POSSIBLE workaround to clearscan your document if you get this error:.

The following instructions are for Acrobat X you might have to click 'show and hide pannels' at the top-right of the TOOLS BOX if some of these options are not available; 9 has the same bug and workaround but where you find things are different of course. Once all pages have been Clearscanned you can reassemble the individual pages to the full document.

If you needed that particular page to be clearscanned, this method will not work for you. We have to admit that Clearscan is a one-of-a-kind technology. The OCR scientists should be given a raise for this.

The software engineers and support staff, on the other hand, should go back to the community college they flunked out of and learn a bit more about programming. A window appears Adobe Acrobat has stopped working.

I am using Acrobat 8 Professional 1. Is there a way to have Acrobat 8 Professional to automatically ocr after the documents are scanned? Is there a way to create a buttom to ocr the scanned documents. Currently I have to go through: I'm sure the javascript experts will be able to create a button that runs a script for your task, but have you considered using other OCR software Finereader, ReadIris etc? Corporate versions of these programs allow you to have a 'Watched Folder' where any file sent to the folder will automatically be OCRd with no user intervention.

Although the OCR quality may be no different to Acrobat's plug-in, there will also be far more in the way of options to view and edit the recognised text. Acrobat X promos mention improved OCR.

Trying to think back to my original question, I believe it also had to do with reasons, or not, to "upgrade" from Acrobat 9 Pro to Acrobat X. I had gotten the impression from some reading that X might do a better job, or be more full-featured in some way. Having an issue with Acrobat X Pro recently.

The program seems to have lost the ability to OCR scanned documents. The message for each page of text says "Acrobat could not perform recognition OCR on this page because: I am at a loss for answers, tried reinstalling but same results. While attempting to perform OCR I get the following message: How do I make OCR work?

It seems that the default setup of Acrobat 9. The question is does Acrobat 9. I have noticed the font pack including Vietnamese support for Acrobat Pro 8. I expected an editable Word document, but the text appears as an image in Word page is outlined with dotted blue line; right-clicking shows options for picture formatting; clicking anywhere on the page does not allow editing individual words.

Any ideas on getting the text image into Word for editing? Some of the words look quite "degraded" so I understand that any OCR process will not be perfect; I'm just looking for a way to get this book in Word without having to OCR each page, one at a time. OCR the original using ClearScan. That replaces the images with text. Then save as a DOC file. Using latest Acrobat Pro Is there any way to automatically use Acrobat's OCR feature at the same time the document is printed to PDF, so this could be done in one step?

Yes, it works when the page is a standard standalone href link to a PDF file. This error occurs on some computers and but not others.

I even tested it with the most basic word document, no formatting and scanned it. Unable to process the page because the Paper Capture recognition service unexpectedly terminated. Documents longer than say 15 pages "time out" during OCR scan. Have to save and OCR next 15 pages and so on until full doc completed. Thank You for posting on the forums, Adobe Acrobat 8 is very old and we have not tested Acrobat 8 on I need to re-OCR some texts that have a mix of oriental and western scripts. Acrobat only allows me to choose one language at a time, and too much is lost in the process.

How do I do this? This helps a lot. All programs except scansoft omnipage OCR program installed. Possibly because you are using an installation cd that doesnt support win7? The user received a pdf - when printing it appears as a small image in the center of the page. What settings are necessary to have this print as full size - I tried to use the recognize ocr feature and this did not help. I have been using the OCR tool in Acrobat 7. My results were pretty good, but I thought I'd upgrade to 9.

Unfortunately, it seems that the OCR tool in 9. Text that was recognizable to the OCR tool 7. I have in hand 63 PDF files, summing to 28gigs, very large files, several thousands of pages. None were created with OCR, therefore not searchable nor extractable. I would like to set in motion a batch process to run OCR all by self overnight against all 63 files it finds in the directory.

I cannot find a reference to this capability within my full Acrobat 8. I'm faced with similar situation, about 50, PDF files. Yes, I can use the batch sequence, which will help me, but will do little to help researchers downloading and using these files. To make the files more useful for research purposes, I will concatenate them into annual packages, reducing the number of files to about Then pass only 50 files through Acrobat 8 for OCR search processing, meaning researchers only need to download 50 files, instead of 50, I work for an academic library and we are in the process of digitizing past issues of our alumni magazine, which are then uploaded to our Digital Commons repository.

Weve been going through all sorts of forums and Google searches in the hopes of fixing these issues, but so far have not had much luck so Im posting here in the hopes maybe someone will have some tips. Sometimes the OCR doesnt recognize text at all, even if there is no obvious reason why it should. I understand when it doesnt recognize text that is set over a background image, but it often when its just black text on a white background.

For example, there are usually several images on a page which have captions. Sometimes the OCR will capture these, but often it will completely ignore a caption that is right next to another one which has been identified as text. Is there any way to manually enter OCR information into Acrobat? Even though the program isnt automatically recognizing text, wed settle for just being able to input our own data so it comes up in a search. This will happen in the same spots over and over, even if we rescan the page and try it from scratch.

Were scanning and using the OCR on high resolution images, so its most likely not the resolution that is getting in the way. At the end of this tutorial titled Scanning and OCR: Beyond the basics with Acrobat 9, there is a suggestion for adding a new text layer to a scanned PDF if you're interested.

It's applicable to both Acrobat Pro. Acrobat could not access the recognition service: Unable to locate the Paper Capture recognition Service. Your installation may be corrupt. This is probably due to either a low memory situation or an corrupt installation. It is certainly not a 'low memory situation'. It is not a 'corrupt user profile'. It was not fixed by uninstalling and re-installing.

I have not checked since I updated to 8. I guess it could be an error. If I get a chance, I will check when I get back to work. I will need to ocr multiple files overnight on a regular basis. I hope that Acrobat will be able to do this.

I am using the trial version so far, in order to see if it works. I set up multiple files for ocr and set it to render exactly as original.

The files are about 30 pages long and about 2 mega in size. They are all either pdf or tiff format. The process starts but then stops with an error message. I have set it up so the error messages are sent to Acobe automatically. I then need to locate the last file that was not successful, run it a few times through ocr as a single file, and then start over with the rest of the batch. This is very frustrating. The HP search program coulds not find the device, although it is connected via USB cable, is switchced on and is ready for printing.

I search for drs You will need to contact Adobe and find out their support for this software on Server Alan Morris Windows Printing Team. Can I do OCR only on page 1? I am unable to install Acrobat 7 on windows 7, are there any steps to install it on windows 7, please help?

Hi - Don't know if this is still giving you problems, but I'm running CS2 on Windows 7 64bit. The problem is in the destination folder that Adobe automatically selects.

Adobe doesn't recognize Program Files x86 as a destination - all I did was enter C: Sorry I can't remember what forum I discovered this on - if I come across it again, I'll post it here.

I am using Acrobat Pro 8. I cannot find anything that describes error 5. Is it because my document is too large? Over the course of a few months, my company received a large number of PDF files for a project for which the internal policy was that every file should be text searchable. Unfortunately, we did not save the native files in any sort of convenient way, having at that time not realized that failing to do so was a very bad idea.

We ran OCR on every one of the files that we received, which total approximately 4, At the time that we received the majority of these files, my company was still using Acrobat 7; we've since upgraded to version 8. Recently we discovered that there were discrepancies between our electronic copies and the hard copy printouts from which our electronic copies had been generated: We eventually worked out that it must have been that at some point a computer was mistakenly set to run OCR using the Formatted Text Graphics setting, as opposed to either Searchable Image or Searchable Image Exact.

This was absolutely not want we wanted, as for our purposes using a type of OCR that causes the original images to change essentially renders the files useless. My questions, then, are the following:. Rebuilding these files from scratch is going to require a gargantuan effort, so any help would be much appreciated. There are many such copiers available that can scan at a relatively high speed. Other than this process, you are probably stuck as already suggested.

Can someone help me to resolve this Acrobat 8 or 9 problem. I select a folder and initiate the conversion of all pdf documents to searchabel text or OCR. Next time, if I re-do the process, some documents re-convert again.

Is there a way to tell Acrobat to stop converting pdf documents that already been OCR or converted to searchabel text??

Perhaps a dedicated server application would provide more refined control - but that's not Acrobat's OCR engine. Maybe possible -Acrobat 8 9 Pro each has a Preflight Custom check that can identify if text rendering mode 3 invisible text - Acrobat's OCR output- is present. Create an appropriate Preflight Profile. Create a Batch Sequence to run the Preflight Profile.

Batch Sequence Setup to create a report for "On success" or "On error" or both. Designate where the report PDF is to go. Maybe via an Acrobat plug-in. Maybe to control some other OCR application? Something for a real 'gritty' codehead g. I am brand new to the forum but am an intermediate skilled user of Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard. I am having the following problem. I have several text documents that I have scanned into PDF files.

I wanted to convert these to OCR files. I found several web sites that described the process and understood what that process was. My problem is this. Is this an optional feature or something not found in Version 8 Standard? If you don't see the menu, it is possible that it may have been removed during the corporate deployment packaging process.

You may want to check with your IT folks to see if this is the case. I do a lot of OCR with pdf documents and I'm trying to find a way to simplify the process.

I am trying to perform OCR on a credit card statement. The statement has 3 PDF pages and except for the non-regular header info at the top of the page, everything is in nice columns - five of them. I specify the output file to be an excel spreadsheet. It chokes on page 2 with an error that it cannot recognize any table OR sometimes produces this message: Acrobat could not perform recognition OCR on this page because: This page contains renderable text.

I tried the technote soln to convert to. I have also seperated the. The page contains a bar code in the margin-could this be killing the OCR process? I tried to edit out some of the noise but can't figure out how to delete parts of the. It does not ask me where it should be placed, and I have no clue where it sticks it I am using the following code to route the first document to OCR and all other documents to Documentum export. I have a couple of hundred pdf docs which I would like to add OCR to in order to search the contents.

I have access to Acrobat 7,8 and 9. Has anyone ever done this before? It seems to pick it up and put it in the "C: However, nothing seems to happen. The problem is with Adobe Capture, doesn't seem to respond back to Documentum. JNI - Launching the Application: On this dual processor machine, it uses up an entire processor on it's own. Without it, Adobe Capture runs as normal. I have tried to modify the config file and it doesn't seem to do anything.

Capture still takes all of one CPU. Please post more details? Which oracle product you are trying to start? Command used to start etc. From logs it looks like you are not able to access OCR disk.

It does all the normal stuff like giving you the option to fix up and suspect conversion issues. After correcting any suspects I then went to save the file as a document that I could then forward to sombody to edit And sure enough when I opened up the file the Word document contained all the un-fixed suspects in it.

Can anybody else confirm this behaviour, tell me if I am missing something or tell me a possible work around? Please note that this is a known limitation with the current version of Acrobat Acrobat X. We might fix this issue in our future releases. Acrobat X's OCR capability is not very good. If not, can this be a possibility in the future? I have created a process to get searchable pdf as output to documentum. I am using following modules. I am giving nuance ocr output as input to documentum.

Output file type as acrobat pdf in documentum export set up and non-image files. Try exporting the file from Documentum to your local filesystem. Then check opening it and if it opens then the issue is with Documentum else the file may not have been exported properly.

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Jul 15,  · Unable to process the page because the Paper Capture recognition service unexpectedly terminated. Unable to process the page because the Paper Capture recognition service unexpectedly terminated. MichaelKazlow Jul 14, PM (in response to ryzerman19). May 30,  · Paper Capture recognition terminated. Forum Index > PDF Creation > Paper Capture recognition terminated. kaana1 Unable to Process the page because the Paper Capture recognition service unexpectedly terminated. My Product Information: Acrobat Pro , Windows Top. .

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