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As You Like It

William Shakespeare

❶The trappings of courtly life are pitted against the peaceful simplicity of the pastoral; the ideals of romantic love and courtship stand starkly removed from the realities of marriage.

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Celia and Rosalind are

Fortune miraculously thwarts Duke Frederick's plan to capture and kill Duke Senior when he encounters an old religious hermit on the outskirts of the forest.

Duke Frederick, like Oliver, undergoes a sudden change in his nature and renounces his former ways. Fortune has deprived Rosalind of her father and her status as daughter of the reigning duke; she describes herself as "one out of suits with fortune. In Rosalind's witty dialogue with Celia in Act 1, Scene 2, she comments that fortune's benefits are "mightily misplaced," and that the goddess Fortune is, by tradition, blind and bestows her gifts unequally.

Rosalind is revealed as romantic and kind by nature; the people of the dukedom "praise her for her virtues. The apparent misfortune of Rosalind's banishment is, in fact, a stroke of good fortune, for Orlando has also arrived in the forest; Rosalind is granted the opportunity to test Orlando's love for her while she is disguised as Ganymede.

At the end of the play, fortune rewards Rosalind with a reunion with her father, whose dukedom has been restored, and marriage to the man she loves. In As You Like It , many of the characters have just cause to "rail on Lady Fortune" and the caprices of human nature.

By the end of the play, however, those who were of evil nature have changed for the better, and fortune's gifts have been fairly bestowed. The pastoral life is praised by a number of characters in this play, yet Shakespeare suggests frequently that it is not as ideal a life as many of the characters believe. In doing so, Shakespeare also satirizes the conventions of pastoral romance. Write an essay in which you discuss Shakespeare's portrayal of city life and country life in each of the play's five acts.

The court is shown to be a place of corruption and villainy through the actions of Oliver and Duke Frederick. The banished Duke Senior's life in the Forest of Arden is idealized when Charles describes the Duke and his men as fleeting the time carelessly "as they did in the golden world. Celia comments that she and Rosalind, in leaving the court for the countryside, are going "To liberty, and not to banishment.

Duke Senior praises the virtues of the pastoral life, which is also celebrated in Amiens' songs; life in the forest seems far removed from life at the "envious court. Jaques comments on the irony of the Duke and his men killing and frightening the animals in the forest, which they have usurped just as Duke Frederick has usurped his brother's dukedom. Touchstone comments wryly that "When I was at home, I was in a better place," and Jaques remarks that a man is a fool to "leave his wealth and ease" to live in the forest.

Corin remarks that the landowner he serves is "of churlish disposition" and unlikely to get into heaven; unjust behavior is not confined to the city.

Touchstone praises some elements of the pastoral life, but he also remarks that it is tedious and austere. Corin extols the virtues of his simple life as a shepherd and makes fun of the formal manner of the court.

Orlando remarks on the timelessness of the forest-a departure from the regimentation of the court. Audrey is revealed as a simple, unsophisticated rustic who does not understand Touchstone's witticisms as the "city" characters do. Silvius is disclosed as miserable and comically extreme in his passion, while Phebe is depicted as vain and petulant; Shakespeare satirizes the conventional view of idealized shepherds living in a harmonious pastoral world.

The deer killed by the Forest Lords is another reminder that the pastoral life has its harshnesses. Oliver reveals that the forest can be a dangerous place; wild beasts-a snake and a lioness lurk as a threat. The character of William again reveals that the country dwellers are often unsophisticated and "unlearned. Search As You Like It. Indeed, Katz…… [Read More]. IT Outsourcing Is Only as. Listed at the bottom of the rankings were: Performance management can be measured from the 1 financial perspective; the 2 customer perspective; 3 the Internal Business Process; and 4 Innovation and Learning Perspective.

Quality and the vendor's reputation are important to businesses when considering outsourcing IT. Customers do not like subcontractors within the outsourcing framework while flexible contracts, geographic location, and cultural fit are found unimportant. For instance a client without much expertise may make decisions that will lead to a lock in and not even be fully aware of it. Such decision making can be evident in scenarios where the client commits to a long-term contract without clauses that allow for ending the contract if the performance of the supplier is not adequate.

The costs involved is associated with redrafts, alterations of original contracts when either the supplier or client believes that such changes are necessary. Because contracting parties cannot anticipate changes that may need to occur as it pertains the contract, contractual amendments is always a risk that companies face.

As such this is simply an issue that companies must make provisions for. Costs associated with altering contracts include the "direct costs of communicating new…… [Read More]. Like Most of Western Europe. Furthermore, with Greece's strategic position in the Mediterranean region and proximity to the Middle East, it and Turkey could be vital allies in the future of global politics.

Some have suggested that these nations were used as pawns in a much larger political game. Since those nations needed assistance, they were given it, but with certain expectations about their future allegiances.

This was certainly what Truman with his famous doctrine was expected to have happen in this region of the world. You Face Mob The scores of teenagers and adults who have turned the character and film Scarface into a universal symbol of a cultural icon would more than likely be shocked to know that there is nothing new about Tony Montana, his relish for his enemy's girlfriend, or several other facets about the motion picture that has earned a devout cult following in the several years since its opening.

Scarface is actually a fairly liberal remake of the original film of the same name, written by Ben Hecht and directed by Howard Hawks, respectively. The original depicted another "Tony" last name Camonte, not Montana and his involvement in the illegal mob world of Chicago's notorious south side, rather than south Florida. The cocaine floundering around in the contemporary version was originally illicit alcohol, while Tony's lust for his rival's girlfriend, and his overbearing, fairly Freudian overprotection of…… [Read More].

Night the Crystals Broke Write where you got inspiration from? The inspiration from this poem comes from my grandmother and her family, who lived through the pogroms and just before the Nazis took over Hungary. The title refers to the Kristallnacht, the event in which the Nazis burned synagogues and their religious items, and broke the windows. They also broke the windows of the local businesses.

This poem also refers to the journey that was scary and arduous, over the Atlantic in the ship to Ellis Island. The statue at the end of the poem is the Statue of Liberty, which welcomed the "poor" and "hungry" masses, like my grandmother's people. There is no one author or poem I referred to here. This is a completely original work. However, it is written in the form of a…… [Read More]. Lifespan It's very interesting to discuss an individual's life in detail, especially when done so in a thoughtful manner.

Through these conversations, one garners a distinct appreciation for life and the obstacles it presents. It also provides a great sense of the importance of perseverance in regards to success. Allen exemplifies the term "perseverance," in his behaviors throughout life. I personally had to the opportunity to meet Allen during a job fair. He was representing Macy's and immediately seemed approachable.

He is warm hearted and very engaging. Little did I know that his background was one that was anything but warm. Family background Not much is known about Allen's father, who was appropriate named Allen himself.

As the third, the younger Allen never made physical contact with his father. From the information garnered from his mother, Allen Sr. His hobbies included playing instruments and teaching music. Gentle Lena I find it particularly interesting to research the circumstances in which authors conduct their literary works. In conducting my critical review of Gertrude Stein's "The Gentle Lena," the circumstances prevailing during this period become immediate.

In particular, the role of women in society becomes immediately apparent when reading this shirt story. When comparing the context of this work with the women's rights movement in recent memory, society has come very far in regards to equality.

I will then examine how the prevailing sentiments of the time influenced many of the character interactions with the short story. To begin, Lena's gentle and often submissive behavior was very typical of women during the early part of the 20th century. Women, during this period were considered inferior to men in many respects. Like so many young girls, fifteen-year-old Connie is simultaneously an adult and a teenager: Connie knows how to flirt with older boys but she is unaware of the potential consequences of doing so.

Tragically, at the end…… [Read More]. Where Are You Going this assignment did not pass the instructors critique-her comments below: Connie is beautiful and only just emerging into a state of fully sexualized adolescence. Connie looks for approval from boys, but has a confident, cool air at home, as she easily manipulates her parents…… [Read More]. Claude Perrault and Why it Supports Perrault's. Claude Perrault and why it supports Perrault's ideas which marked the origins of modern reflection on the theory of architecture.

The paper also presents fundamental proves and the reason why Perrault's theory of architecture were very controversial in the past. The paper also talked about Parallel and the buildings measured According to Claude Perrault's Theory and it achievement which led to the establishment of modern reflection of architecture.

The concept of architecture theory has been in existence for many decades. It takes the whole point of architecture as a matter of understanding the application in the field which belongs both to the practice and to the knowledge. However, as stated by Onefrei, 12 architecture theory can be defined as the action of coming up with an idea, discussing and writing about certain architecture.

The theory attempts to offer more details on why certain structures look unique and the reason why…… [Read More]. Patrick's Cathedral New York analyze experience understand design theories, concepts, historical precedents looked class.

Patrick's Cathedral in New York City: A historical and architectural overview Patrick's Cathedral is a 'working' cathedral in the U. Although it was not originally designed to accommodate such diverse uses but rather to tend to the needs of New York's immigrant Catholic…… [Read More]. Blow the Whistle on What You Heard.

If so, how will you blow the whistle? If you decide to blow the whistle, what are your reasons for doing so? Your discussion should reflect knowledge of what Boatright says about issues, problems and justifications for whistle-blowing.

Also, in discussing the answers to these questions you should include the following: Kantian moral theory, utilitarian moral theory and virtue theory. The situation Our MBA is not really aware of what is going on; all he has is assumptions, guesses. He has no actual proof. In the first case, he has had suspicions of several transactions -- their accounting practices seem suspect - and he has pointed out…… [Read More]. Boy It had been eight months since Fiona finally pulled the trigger.

Not literally, of course. It was the pills, but this time she was successful and Marcus found out when he came home from school one day. She had fallen into a habit of staring at the Internet for hours on end, visiting Facebook and Match.

The crying still hadn't stopped, and Marcus couldn't help but wonder if his mother did the right thing. He never even found the note, which she typed and saved in a. She had already had sex, and she took a liking to Marcus after meeting him in drama class at school. Ellie tried to kick her ass when she found out that Emmalie kissed Marcus in the…… [Read More]. My sister and I had flown in to Cuba for a Quinceanara, which is the 15th birthday party for a young woman of Latina descent.

We were very excited because the girl whose party it was a close friend of both my sister and I as well as of our extended family in Cuba. I remember my sister looked really pretty that night. She wore purple polka dotted dress with a lace frock that flared at the bottom. Quite possibly my sister had the same thought because, for some reason, she decided to drink alcohol for the first…… [Read More].

Postsecondary Program Important to You. I will be the first to graduate, and so I owe my parents a great debt. My mother has always expected me to do my best and excel at whatever I do. I have struggled in this country and with some of my classes, but I feel that my 3. I want to continue in my studies because I know that to excel in my career, I must graduate and continue with an advanced degree, and this is part of my plan for the future.

I hope to teach, to make a difference with my students, and to continue with my education to learn and grow as much as possible. I think that education is the key to the future, for both my future students and me, and so, continuing my education is a…… [Read More].

This dilemma is starkly illustrated in Ally Carter's I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to kill you. The book is set in the Gallagher School for Girls, a boarding 'spy school' modeled on Harry Potter's Hogwarts for young wizards The heroine Cammie alias 'the Chameleon' can speak fourteen languages and engage in covert operations including making herself invisible but has no idea how to talk to a 'normal' boy she likes.

The book stresses that the support of your fellow girls is the only way to navigate the treacherous waters of female adolescence. Throughout the book, Cammie's best friends support her, even during the strangest aspects of 'spy school.

Like most nursing students, when I was growing up I began to see myself as a caretaker; I always wanted to help people any way that I could. In middle and high school I volunteered at the local hospital from time to get a feel for what nursing would really be like, and this experience only made me want to pursue the career more.

I love my job and can't wait to continue my education and gain more experience. Please describe a time when you provided exceptional patient care. One incident from my clinical experiences stands out in my mind as a quintessential example of what nursing is…… [Read More]. Kids Are Different it Does. The NIM study probably took a more proportionate cross-sample of students all over the country to come up with a percentage, and I would be more inclined to believe that the NIM number was more accurate that the school district number.

The NIM number, however, does seem like it is a bit high, and may still not be completely representative of what is accurate. In order to know whether the school district numbers are true for that district and whether the NIM numbers are accurate for the overall student population in this country, more study would have to be done.

How these 'random' students were chosen and how the data was analyzed are things that would need to be studied more closely because the numbers clearly do not add up. The fact that there is that much of a discrepancy between these numbers shows that something has not been addressed…… [Read More].

Love You but Then I'd Have to. A young spy-in-training by the name of Cammie Morgan is stuck between a "rock and a hard place" as she attempts to live her life at Gallagher Academy and deal with a romantic awakening. Not only is her crush interest a boy outside of the spy world, but he's a regular, normal, average guy. The book does a great job of not only showing the explosive and genius level world of spies, but it also shows a young girl and her battles with love.

The lesson learned from this book is how to be honest and truthful even when hiding an important secret. That is, reveal actual details from one's life rather than just maing up stories. Cammie is a student from Gallagher Academy…… [Read More]. Death of IT -- Readings and Responses. The death of the American nuclear family. The uselessness of IT. There is no better way to establish one's reputation as a controversial commentator than to make a sweeping, however unjustified pronouncement about the death of something, regardless of whether one has the data to back it up or not.

Duell, the director of the U. Patent Office, did so in when he said, "Everything that can be invented has been invented. However, Carr's central thesis deserves the merit of further examination. Music Make You Fee Strung. Additionally, with seven different movements in this one composition, this 'song' had the time and the build-up to really work through some climaxes.

I believe that the sixth movement of this piece, Nocturne 2, actually did resemble the feel of the night. The types of strings that I typically appreciate are certainly indicative of night time, with their dark, spooky feeling. Although Dutilleux's Nocturne 2 was not quite as scary sounding as some of the modern day compositions I like, it certainly sounded good and came the closet to the type of music that I usually listen to.

Oddly enough, while Ainsi la' nuit was the piece that had elements in it that moved me the most, it also contained movements that helped to alienate me from the music -- and from this type of music -- the most as well. I found both of the litanies in this composition…… [Read More]. Org Resources Which e-card category did you choose?

For example, Great American Smokeout, etc. The card chosen for this analysis was from the Holiday Celebrations category, titled Holiday Stress?! The content of the card was oriented towards tips on how to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed in the middle of the holiday season.

The three bullets on the first page mentioned taking a few slow, deep breaths, taking a hot shower or bath, or going for a walk with a friend. Does it catch your eye because of color, message, graphics? The front of the care explodes with red and white colors and is very attractive and speaks directly to a person who feels they have stress in their lives.

It is well-down from a graphics standpoint. The image of the coffee cup in the interior exudes warmth and calm, and invites the reader to slow…… [Read More]. Love Women Like to Be. Share the experience of watching the sunset over Lake Havasu. Hearing and learning the unique stories and interesting facts about the lake and its surrounding sceneries only enhance the sunset sight-seeing activity.

This will be a fun and romantic way to enjoy the afternoon. To cap off the romantic day, you can catch a romantic movie at Movie Havasu. The movie, Time Traveler's Wife is currently being shown. Like all other women, Filipinas like romantic movies.

Try to take note and remember the parts which she liked and enjoy the movie with her so that you can talk or laugh about it in later conversations. A visit to the Lake Havasu Museum of History is also an off-beat way of enjoying an afternoon which can also be turned into a fun experience. It is not a very romantic activity but learning about the history of Lake Havasu might provide an…… [Read More].

Tattoo Mike You Should Not. You actually risk damaging the tattoo by playing football right after getting it. You'll end up on one of those Internet sites dedicated to bad tattoos if that thing gets infected -- know that.

Ask Jimmy at the tattoo parlor if you don't believe me -- cleanliness is critical to a good tattoo. Next week, after the season, you'll be able to get your tattoo and keep it healthy. Besides, after you win the state championship, the school board will face incredible public outrage if it tries to transfer you. You'll be the god of all Lemons. Yes, they could still transfer you, but it's harder to transfer a hero without looking bad. I know what you are thinking.

You want to make a statement about the policy. You and I both know that this is a bad policy and that you are in a unique position to change that…… [Read More]. Marketing Mean to You Marketing Has a. Marketing has a myriad of implications for a company or for an individual entrepreneur, or for a small company. It means that the producer of the product is telling consumers why they should purchase that product. It means the company that provides services wants the public to know about their services.

Marketing means the link between the company or individual entrepreneur and the customer; somehow information much reach the consumer in order for that consumer to make a decision, and marketing is that pivotal information that catches the eye of the consumer and encourages him or her to make a close examination of the product or service.

Catching the eye -- or capturing the heart --…… [Read More]. Successful Aging What Do You. If anything, such a person may have regrets over having wasted too much of life on impersonal achievements and selfish pursuits. Do you agree that in later life men become more nurturing and women more assertive?

What do you think are the findings that could support or challenge that observation? The observation that men tend to become more nurturing, less competitive, less aggressive, and "gentler" in later life and that women tend to become less emotional and more confident or assertive would seem to be substantially true. That is largely attributable to hormonal changes; specifically, aging males tend to produce much less testosterone and post-menopausal females secrete less estrogen in their later years Pinker, Speech You'll Run the Bill.

The commercial shows that advertising does not have to have one appeal or appeal to only one audience. Anyone, young or old, who is a fan of the film will immediately see the parody, and will understand the appeal of the commercial. The values of U. Technology is extremely important today, and hardly anyone is without a cell phone.

So, it is not unusual for a child of Ralphie's age to want one. It would have been in Our values have changed with the advent of technology, and along with them, society has changed. The film seems very quaint and old-fashioned by today's standards, and the characters, especially the parents seem simple at best. In the commercial, their concern is all monetary, which also shows a big difference in values.

In the film, the parents were concerned about…… [Read More]. Nick Carraway Nick, you are a sensitive, thoughtful, and intelligent man who has the potential to learn a lot from the current challenges you have presented. The questions you ask are astute and show a willingness to change and a vast array to tools with which to deal with change. Your self-awareness and insight are admirable, and are your core strengths. This self-improvement plan will help you capitalize on your strengths, and also become more realistic about your boundaries and limitations.

Do not feel these boundaries and limitations are faults, because they are not. They are part of what makes you a unique and interesting individual. First I would like to answer your core questions in turn. What advice can you give me about how to organize my life to achieve my goals of financial independence and spiritual fulfillment? The financial independence you need will come, if you can outline…… [Read More].

Alcan is perhaps the single most successful global enterprise in the IT industry today. But, despite its success and penetration, it has its own set of pros and cons. Perhaps the biggest negative aspect of Alcan is the level of decentralization in the company. With each sector of the business being an individual unit, with its own IT structure, diversities, management structure, there was little to no communication amongst the business units which was not something that the new director -- obert Ouellette -- much appreciated.

This leads us to the most significant move in the Alcan Corporation i. The appointment of obert Ouellette as the new Director. His first move was to analyze the costs and financial investments of the company in the IT sector. It was here that the most significant…… [Read More]. Peer Rev I Like How. Regardless of your own immaturity, however, I value your application of personal experience to the poem. Imagery of melons and wasps is not something that rings a personal bell with me, but the underlying emotions of the Simic poem do conjure up a lot of emotions for me, as if a hornet's nest has been attacked.

You have selected two of my favorite Simic poems to comment on, and I appreciate that. The contemplation of the inner life of a stone is something I have done because in animist format I have ascribed life to inanimate objects like stones. On a symbolic level, the stone is something that is considered cold, lifeless, and even useless. As Simic puts it, children toss stones into the river for play. Animals shit on stones. They are considered much like…… [Read More]. Nathan I cannot tell you how much my heart is a-yearning for yours and how regularly I fret for your safe passage.

I have been praying that you and your men will be guaranteed protection and I have asked God to grant you a certain amount of guardianship and shielding. I have been worried into a near feverish state and have been bereft with anxiety and panic. With the new year a-coming I have gotten word of late about the approach of General Sherman's northern army and I am dreadfully afraid of their approach, as they have been known to pillage and burn everything they encounter in their path.

Miss Mollie told me frightful stories of local raiders who posed as U. I have spent many a sleepless night watching the fires…… [Read More]. Life You Have Always Wanted. This is a very important concept that has not been touched upon in the book but can actually serve as an impetus for good in one's life. Religious counseling is an important field and one that works on the same principles as general counseling but integrates religion into it. Focus is placed on facilitation of communication where the client talks feeling completely safe in the presence of the counselor.

He is given the maximum opportunity to express his views on various things in order to seek his…… [Read More]. Maturation Process but it Comes Easily Only. Of course there are choices that usually generate little anguish such as what to have for breakfast or which route to take when going home, but when a person is a diabetic or inclement weather makes every road hazardous, even these choices become difficult.

This paper discusses a poem and a short story by two of the greatest American authors of the twentieth century. The stories reflect both real and intangible choices that the protagonists had to make in Frosts poem the main character is assumed to be the author himself and what the outcome of the choices were.

This paper will begin with a literal summary of the two works, the real choices that…… [Read More]. From The Riverside Shakespeare.

Theater Arts Books, As You Like It. Thomas Rosenmeyer, The Green Cabinet: Theocritus and theEuropean Pastoral Lyric. University of California Press, 4. Digital Evidence and Computer Crime. Hacker Techniques, Tools and Incident Handling. Arizona State University, Scottsdale. Qualitative case study methodology: Study design and implementation for novice researchers. The Qualitative Report, 13 4: Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design: Choosing among Five Approaches. Revealing the "Essence" of Things: Using Phenomenology in LIS.

The Bodley Head Ltd. Internals and Design Principles. References Brown, Mark Graham Fitz-Gibbon, Carol Taylor How an organization defines and measures progress toward its goals. Retrieved February 21, from http:

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