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Short Essay on Fundamental Rights in India

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❶Believed that Brahma created Brahmin and the cow on the same day and as such are equally sacred. The Rights guaranteed to the people are not absolute.

Long and Short Essay on Fundamental Rights in India in English

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Short Essay on Fundamental Rights in India – Fundamental Rights may well be called the soul of our Constitution. These are the very basic rights that are universally recognized as fundamental to human existence and indispensable for human development. In the absence of these rights man’s social and spiritual life would be .

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ADVERTISEMENTS: Thus, when political institutions have been made representative and responsible, constitutional efforts have been made to empower people, especially the members of weaker sections to live in dignity with rights of liberty, equality and religious freedom. Initially, Constitution enshrined seven fundamental rights of citizens as a .

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Fundamental rights are basic human rights. These rights are considered necessary for the development of the personality of an individual. Without the enjoyment of these rights the happines and development of the individual is not possible. They are included in our constitution so that every citizen. Fundamental Rights Essay 2 ( words) The need to provide fundamental rights to the citizens was felt after the French Revolution and the US freedom struggle.

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In this essay we will discuss about the fundamental rights in the Indian constitution. After reading this essay you will learn about: 1. Fundamental Rights and the Indian Constitution 2. Historical Background of the Fundamental Rights 3. Peculiar Features of the Fundamental Rights 4. Restrictions of the Fundamental Rights 5. Courts and Fundamental Rights . Free Essays on Essay On Fundamental Rights. Get help with your writing. 1 through