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Green Computing Research Project Essay

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❶Work Breakdown Structure Task 4: Summarize the report and why you think it is of high quality in a one-to-two page paper.

Green Computing Research Project Essay Sample

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Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Ben had already worked with the HR department to advertise these openings internally as well as outside the company. Ben had also used his personal contacts to let people know about this important project. In addition, you are encouraged to use outside consultants and other resources, as appropriate.

The main products you will produce will be a series of research reports one for each green computing technology listed earlier plus one final report including all data plus formal project proposals for at least four recommendations for implementing some of these technologies. Ben also suggested that the team come up with at least 20 different project ideas and then recommend the top four based on extensive analysis. Ben thought some type of decision support model would make sense to help collect and analyze the project ideas.

You are expected to tap into resources available from the Environmental Technologies Program, but you will need to include some of those resources in your project budget. Ben mentioned that he knew there had already been some research done on increasing the use of telecommuting. Ben also showed you examples of what he considered to be good research reports.

You notice that his examples are very professional, with a lot of charts and references, and most are 20 30 pages long, single-spaced. Ben has also shown you examples of good formal project proposals for We Are Big, Inc. They often reference other research and include a detailed business case.

As project manager, you are actively leading the Green Computing Research Project team in developing a schedule. You and Ben found three internal people and one new hire to fill the positions on the project team as follows:.

While waiting for everyone to start working on your project, you talked to several people working on other projects under the Environmental Technologies Program and did some research on green computing. You can use a fair amount of the work already done on telecommuting, and you have the name of a consulting firm to help with that part of your project, if needed.

Ito and Ben both suggested that you get up to speed on available collaboration tools since much of your project work will be done virtually.

They knew that Matt would be a tremendous asset for your team in that area. You have also contacted other IT staff to get detailed information on your company s needs and plans in other areas of green computing. You also found out that there is a big program meeting in England next month that you and one or two of your team members should attend.

It is a three-day meeting, plus travel. Recall that the Green Computing Research Project is expected to be completed in six months, and you and your four team members are assigned full-time to this project. Your project sponsor, Ben, has made it clear that delivering a good product is most important, but he also thinks you should have no problem meeting your schedule goal.

He can authorize additional funds, if needed. Your team has agreed to add a one-week buffer at the end of the project to ensure that you finish on time or early. Your project sponsor has asked you and your team to refine the existing cost estimate for the project so that there is a solid cost baseline for evaluating project performance.

The Green Computing Research Project team is working hard to ensure their work meets expectations. The team has a detailed project scope statement, schedule, and so on, but as the project manager, you want to make sure you will satisfy key stakeholders, especially Ben, the project sponsor, and Ito, the program manager.

You have seen how tough Ito can be on project managers after listening to his critiques of other project managers at the monthly program review meeting. He was adamant on having solid research and financial analysis and liked to see people use technology to make quick what-if projections. You were impressed to see that several other project teams had developed computer models to help them perform sensitivity analysis and make important decisions. Most of the models were done using Excel, which Ito preferred, and you were glad that you were an expert with Excel, as was Matt.

Ito was pretty easy on you at your first monthly review because things were just getting started, but he did give you a list of items to report on next month. You had Ben there to help answer some of the tough questions, but you wanted to be able to hold your own at future monthly meetings. You are five weeks into the Green Computing Research Project, and all of the full-time team members are together face-to-face for the first time.

Recall that you, Ben, Matt, and Lee all work in the same location, but Teresa and James are based out of town and will do most of their work virtually. Lee is also new to the company and just moved to the U. She is currently staying in a hotel and looking for a place to live. She would like to buy her first home, but she wants to make sure it is a good investment and somewhere she would like to stay for at least five years. You get along very well with your project sponsor, Ben, and Matt is a great resource, even though he is extremely reserved.

Lee is also very quiet, and you quickly discover that she is an excellent researcher and writer, but she is not comfortable speaking in public. Teresa and James are much more talkative and are excited to be working on this project.

However, James seems to be reluctant to use much technology to share ideas and really enjoys face-to-face meetings and discussions. You have made preliminary agreements with two outside consultants to assist you with editing and the teleconferencing topic for your research. You have to prepare a monthly progress report and presentation for Ito, the program manager.

You also have short meetings as needed with Ben, your sponsor, and send him a weekly progress report. Several communications issues have arisen on the Green Computing Research Project. Three months have passed since the project started. Your team had agreed to post all of their work on a shared site, but a couple of team members don t seem to like using that site and prefer to use e-mails and attachments.

When they do that, other team members cannot easily see what work is done in one place or provide feedback using the wiki tools. It is also clear that some team members are better researchers and writers than others. You also find that these meetings rarely end on time as some team members get very talkative. You also got grilled by Ito at the last monthly program review meeting. He thought you would be much further along in the project than you are and expects you to have one recommendation on a green computing project that looks very promising by next month.

You haven t seen any great ideas yet. You want to start having face-to-face meetings at least twice a month, but you know it will make your project go over budget even more. At least the Excel model is going well. You and Matt have put a good deal of time into developing it. If only you had enough good data to put into it. Since several problems have been occurring on the Green Computing Research Project see the case information in Part 7 , you decide to be more proactive in managing risks.

You also want to address positive and negative risks. You provided strong rationale for the need for additional travel funds and more money for outside consultants to help you in finding good research information.

It would be best to have a consulting firm, one you were already using, pick up the work he was supposed to do, even though it would cost a lot more. The lead consultant, Anne, had done a great analysis of improving overall energy efficiency for the company that would save millions of dollars each year.

For a custom paper on the above topic, place your order now! A photo posted by Writemyclassessay writemyclassessay on Oct 13, at Enter your name and email below and I'll send it to you. The main purpose of the Green Computing Research Project is to research possible applications of green computing including: Include your definition of green computing to include all of the topics listed in the background scenario.

Describe each of these areas of green computing, including a detailed example of how at least one organization has implemented each one, and investigate the return on investment. Summarize your results in a two- to three-page paper, citing at least three references. Prepare a weighted decision matrix for Ben to use to evaluate people applying to be the project manager for this important project. Develop at least five criteria, assign weights to each criterion, assign scores, and then calculate the weighted scores for four fictitious people.

Print the spreadsheet and bar chart with the results. Write a one-page paper describing this weighted decision matrix and summarize the results. Prepare the financial section of a business case for the Green Computing Research Project.

Assume a 5 percent discount rate, but make sure it is an input that is easy to change. Prepare a project charter for the Green Computing Research Project. Assume that part of the approach is to select the project team as quickly as possible. Since people will request changes to the project, you want to make sure you have a good integrated change control process in place.

You will also want to address change requests as quickly as possible. Write a two-page paper describing how you plan to manage changes on this project in a timely manner. Address who will be involved in making change control decisions, what paperwork or electronic systems will be used to collect and respond to changes, and other related issues.

Project Scope Management Congratulations! Tasks Document requirements for your project so far, including a requirements traceability matrix. Also include a list of questions you would like to ask the sponsor about the scope.

Develop a scope statement for the project. Be as specific as possible in describing product characteristics and deliverables. Make assumptions as needed, assuming you got answers to the questions you had in Task 1. Develop a work breakdown structure WBS for the project. Break down the work to level 3 or level 4, as appropriate.

Print the WBS in list form as a Word file. Be sure to Base your WBS on the project scope statement, stakeholder requirements, and other relevant information. Remember to include the work involved in selecting the rest of your project team and outside resources as well as coordinating with the Environmental Technologies Program.

Use the project management process groups as level 2 WBS items or include project management as a level 2 WBS item to make sure you include work related to managing the project. Use the outline numbering feature to display the outline numbers click Tools on the menu bar, click Options, and then click Show outline number.

Do not enter any durations or dependencies. Print the resulting Gantt chart on one page, being sure to display the entire Task Name column.

Project Time Management As project manager, you are actively leading the Green Computing Research Project team in developing a schedule. You and Ben found three internal people and one new hire to fill the positions on the project team as follows: Matt was a senior technical specialist in the corporate IT department located in the building next to yours and Ben s.

He is an expert in collaboration technologies and volunteers in his community helping to organize ways for residents to dispose of computers, printers, and cell phones. Teresa was a senior systems analyst in the IT department in a city miles away from your office. She just finished an analysis of virtualization of server resources for her office, which has responsibility for the company s data center.

James was a senior consultant in the strategic research department in a city 1, miles away from your office. He has a great reputation as being a font of knowledge and excellent presenter. Although he is over 60, he has a lot of energy.

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When it comes to research or project for Green Computing, the practice is not just to promote the efficiency, but involves number of processes in developing a software or application that can minimize electronic waste for computer resources.

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Part 1: Project Integration Management You are working for We Are Big, Inc., an international firm with over , employees located in several different countries. A strategic goal is to help improve the environment while increasing revenues and reducing costs. The Environmental Technologies Program just started, and the VP of Operations, Natalie, is [ ].

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Green Computing Research History on Green Computing Decision Matrix Project Charter Change Control Process Project Integration Management New Activities for Project. Read this essay on Case Study 1: Green Computing Research Project – Part 1. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at".

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Read the Green Computing Research Project, Part 1 in Appendix C. Assume the project budget is $, and will take six months to complete and that you. Case Study 1: Green Computing Research Project – Part 1 BACKGROUND: Read the Green Computing Research Project, Part 1 in Appendix C. Assume the project budget is $, and will take six months to complete and that you must select the project team as soon as possible.