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❶On 15th of August India become independent. There is a public library in the village.

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They stopped doing their profession. Being deprived of the royal help they solely depended on farming. Since that day they have been doing agriculture only. It is a small village with only thirty families. Its population is about two hundred only. It is sixty kilometers away from the Bay of Bengal. It looks green as there are many green trees in our village. The temple of Lord Balabhadra is situated in the middle of the village. There is also a big pond near the temple. There are champak trees, mango trees, a few oleander trees and a big peepal tree around the pond.

This part of our village presents a beautiful: The smell of flowers and mango buds combined with how attractive colour arrests everybody's attention. Our village has a fair weather connection with the main road. As it is a very small village, the government has taken no step to construct a bridge over the river. In spite of it our village is a developed one.

There is a school with teaching facility up to the matriculation stage. For the purpose of medicine the villagers depend upon the neighboring village where there is a dispensary, a post office, and a market. The main occupation of our villagers is cultivation. Our village has a good name for vegetable production. The river is very helpful to our villagers. All kinds of seasonal vegetables are available in good quality and cheap price. The latter are generally cultivators. Some of them are also traders and some hold service under the Government.

Most of the Hindus earn their bread by service. There are many educated men in our village. Some of them hold high offices under the Government. There are lawyers, doctors, professors and merchants. Many of them live in towns. They come to the village only during holidays. There is a Middle English School in the village.

There is a H. School at a little distance. Boys read there after finishing their studies in the M. There is also a primary school for girls. There is a public library in the village. There we can read many good books, monthly magazines and newspapers. The village market is very small. There is a big market at a little distance. There is no charitable dispensary in our village. But there is an Association of the villagers for the welfare of the village.

The association distributes medicines free to the poor. There is a Post and Telegraph Office in our village.

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